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UI Designer, UX Visual Designer, Digital Designer
Ken Krueger is an accomplished Visual Designer with 10+ years’ experience with clients like Humana and other Fortune 100 companies where he’s honed his skills in digital design, web design, and UX.


UI components that make the brand congruent throughout the user experience is essential. I’ve helped big brands develop and document user interface deliverables including custom form icons, buttons and supporting graphics that were used to develop UI kits.



I’ve worked as a Visual Designer as part of a UX team with deliverables that included sitemaps, wireframes, pixel perfect comps and user path documents. I’ve implemented design changes that improved conversions based on user feedback and data.



Following design trends and pushing boundaries is what fuels my passion for digital design. I use typography, color, white space to facilitate the goals of the end user while remaining transparent.


If you prefer your designer know a few thing about code, you’re in luck. I’m comfortable editing HTML, CSS includes such as setting break points for responsive mobile websites and email templates.