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Hello and welcome to my portfolio site.

What I Do

I create pixel perfect Web Graphics, Wireframes & User Interfaces that look amazing and engage the end user. One of my strengths is being able  to solve problems using modern design techniques that help facilitate the task for the end user whilst remaining transparent. This is the same mantra “users first-mobile first” I’ve been saying for years – regardless if the design calls for  an online portal, landing page, shopping cart, native app.

How I Do It

I’ve spent over ten years using the Adobe Creative Suite. I also like using Axure & MS Office. I’m just as comfortable learning new software on the fly as I am with a notebook & pen.

Why I Do It

I’m highly passionate about all things web including: mobile design, responsive websites, user interfaces, beautiful functional websites that engage the end user and keep them coming back. The mobile landscape is still new and still growing at a rapid pace. This is an exciting time for the industry – and I’m glad to be part of it.

What’s Next

Well beyond the strong coffee & techno babble that only a geek could understand – there exists the opportunity that we may work together. I thrive being surrounded by talented individuals who create digital products that awe, inspire and help people.

Moving Forward…

If you like what you see and want to discuss the possibility of working together. I have additional samples featuring mobile & responsive websites as well as wireframes available per your request. If you found me through a recruiter – please contact them for next steps.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio site.



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