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Accomplished visual designer producing pixel perfect websites & supporting graphics. Strong understanding of responsive and mobile grid-based design. Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Strong understanding of mobile-first using human-centered design. Hands-on experience in a UX team and making changes to enhance the user experience.

The forefront of my mobile-first design approach stems from having empathy for the end user whilst remaining transparent.

Worked closely with UX teams on Ecommerce optimization using data. Fast learner always learning about new technologies, online consumer & design trends. Ability to pick up multiple projects while meeting tight deadlines. Great sense of creativity and organization for company branding and style guides. Strong understanding of HTML5 & CSS3 and modern web standards.


I’ve worked for a wide variety of clients in the past that include a Fortune 100 company as well as smaller businesses. You can find my entire work history on Linkedin (*must be logged in to view).


  • Created graphics for responsive websites, microsites, social media & native mobile apps.
  • Created UX deliverables including sitemaps, wireframes & user path documents.
  • Provided support and development of extensive brand library including; icons, typography, photos & graphics.
  • Improved mobile ecommerce app customer user paths through 3rd party testing and feedback.


  • Created responsive emails for mailing lists using HTML & CSS.
  • Built mini-sites and landing pages for events with complex forms that gathered user data.
  • Built brand-related graphics while maintaining expanding digital style guide.
  • Tested websites and email campaigns on mobile across multiple clients and operations systems.


  • Re-designed website, cleaned up navigation, implemented 301 redirects (for older pages).
  • Performed website backups, plugin audits, speed reports, competitive market analysis.
  • Edited video and images for social media and related websites.
  • Improved user paths by consolidating navigation based on best practices.


  • Led rebranding team and built a custom responsive WordPress website, took photos and created content.
  • Performed SEO and created a blog for increased web traffic and leads.
  • Optimized pages for fast loading times and handled Social Media accounts.
  • Provided competitor analysis and site audit to better understand the marketplace.


  • Created pixel-perfect grid-based high-resolution comps for physicians & medical company responsive websites.
  • Performed site audits & pre-launch QC inspections for websites across multiple mobile devices &OS.
  • Created UX deliverables including sitemaps, wireframes & user path documents.
  • Worked with UX team to improve ecommerce functionality to improve conversions.


  • Created an entire interface for B2B software resulting in the product owners acquiring VC funding.
  • Gathered intelligence from users, stakeholders, and salespeople to understand the persona of users.
  • Created Google ad banners and marketing graphics for PPC campaigns.
  • Used web fonts to create more aesthetically pleasing and engaging web pages.


  • Created pixel-perfect responsive websites for freelance clientele.
  • Created UX deliverables including sitemaps, wireframes & user path documents.
  • Increased exposure and web traffic through social media campaigns.
  • Performed competitive research to gauge the client’s position in the marketplace.

I’ve delivered creative solutions for industries that include: Travel, Ecommerce, Restaurants, Start-ups, Pharma, Agencies, SaaS, Fashion, Fleet Management, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Media Buyers, just to name a few.


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