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Humana – I worked on multiple projects with Humana’s UX Team to provide pixel perfect comps for both desktop and mobile experiences. My work for included; The main site (consumer facing site), mobile apps and websites that contained complex forms and ecommerce functionality. I worked closely with the UX staff to provide the best user experience possible along with cutting edge that design that looks good and loads fast on all platforms and browsers.

Branding – I was an integral part of the digital styles team maintaining the visual integrity of the brand across multiple web properties. This helped ensure a consistant user experience and had many different assets such as; typography, icons, photography, hex colors, gradients & graphics as set forth in branding initiatives. This also included creating and developing new graphic items for brand that included items such as animated loading .GIF files as well as other graphics.

Problem Solving – I was able to solve complex problems using thoughtful design.


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*Additional samples of comps and wireframes available upon request